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Alexis Malone and Athena Fleurs

An Exclusive Family Strokes Alexis Malone Scene

Athena loves her stepmom and her stepdad, but while Alexis tends to the house, Will is constantly working, and he forgets all about the important stepfamily celebrations. Athena doesn’t want Alexis to feel forgotten this Mother’s Day, so she preps her stepmother’s room with wonderful decorations. But this is just the start - Athena instructs her stepmom to strip down and lay down on the bed for a massage. Alexis is intrigued and does what Athena says. The massage quickly gets intense as Athena works her hands down to her stepmom’s pussy. Alexis is shocked, but getting her pussy played with by her stepdaughter is a kinky surprise, and it’s not one she’s looking to pass up. When Will comes home to find his stepdaughter playing with her stepmother’s pussy, he’s completely floored, but even more so, he’s turned on. Athena asks Will to join in on the fun, and he happily obliges her request. From there, the three start having the most fun you could possibly have on Mother’s Day. Will gets his cock sucked by his horny stepdaughter and his wife. They take turns fitting his entire shaft down their throats, and Will has to work hard not to cum right away. He lasts long enough to fuck them both, filling their pussies up and getting himself as deep as he can go. When he can no longer last, he cums hard and gives Athena and Alexis a creamy load to enjoy.

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