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Very Superstitious

Aria Banks and Nikki Zee

An Exclusive Family Strokes Aria Banks Scene

It’s the Super Bowl, and Pierce needs his team to pull through. Pierce has been anticipating this game all season, and with his team in the spotlight, his superstitious senses are at an all-time high. And now, of all times, his stepdaughter Aria wants to bond and spend time together. Pierce can’t believe she’d choose this day to make such a stink about hanging out with him. Pierce’s wife, Nikki, is insistent that Pierce let Aria watch the game with him. Aria gets into her cheerleading outfit so she can hoot and holler during the game - this only infuriates Pierce even more. But it turns out that every time Aria does something sexy, Pierce’s team does well. Being the superstitious sort, Pierce demands Aria keep doing sext things. However, the more she does, the more Pierce gets turned on. He never noticed how fucking hot his stepdaughter was before this, but now, seeing her in a short skirt jumping around, he started to crave her. Pierce decides that the sexiest thing Aria could do is play with her stepdaddy’s cock. Not only would this guarantee a win for his team, but it would also mean he gets to fuck his sweet girl. Aria sucks her stepdad’s cock, letting his shaft go deep into her throat. Pierce returns the favor and lets Aria ride his face, letting all of her pussy juices flow down his chin. This quality time is exactly what Aria needed to feel closer to her stepdaddy. Aria lets Pierce pound her tight pussy hard. When Pierce is about to cum, Aria gets down on her knees so Pierce can coat her face with a massive load. All their hard work pays off and secures a victory for Pierce’s team.

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