Why So Mean?

Why So Mean?

Kiki Klout

An Exclusive Family Strokes Kiki Klout Scene

Kiki is always playing pranks on her younger stepbrother, Johnny. Whenever she has the chance, she bullies him and uses her status as the older stepsis to jerk him around. But Johnny is sick of Kiki always acting like a jerk, and when she reads about this in his journal, she realizes it’s time to make amends. After all, the only reason she’s always bullying him is because she thinks he’s cute. Kiki wonders what Johnny’s cock might look like, and the more she thinks about it, the hornier she gets. Despite her being a jerk, Johnny always found his stepsister hot, too. He knows that it’s taboo to think that way, but her ten out of ten tits and rocking body always turned him on. To show Johnny she’s ready to make a resolve, she hides under the blankets on his bed and waits for him to come home. When he finds her, she shows him how sorry she is for all those years of teasing. She takes her pants off, revealing a little red thong, and grinds against Johnny’s cock. She can feel it stiffening beneath his shorts, and it gets her excited. Was she really about to fuck her own stepbrother as a way of making peace? It seemed extreme, but the more she rubbed up and down, almost using him as a toy, the more excited she became. This 180 change in his stepsister absolutely floors Johnny, and he’s a little freaked out by how much he’s enjoying this show she’s putting on. They’ve gone too far now, and Johnny knows he’s about to fuck Kiki and that no one can ever know about this risque rendezvous. Now with his shorts around his ankles, Kiki sucks the lucky studs cock. She’s amazed at the size and tells him he can’t cum too quickly. He abides by her rules and does everything in his power not to cum during the blowjob, holding out with all his will so he can fill her pussy up when the time comes. Kiki has had her fun pleasing Johnny, and now she wants to have some fun of her own and feel his cock deep inside of her. She’s wet from sucking his cock, and she’s able to easily slide his dick into her pussy. She’s almost completely forgotten she’s fucking her stepbro, but remembering that just makes the forbidden fruit all the sweeter. Kiki starts out doing the hard work, bouncing up and down on Johnny’s cock and showing the pure desire that lives inside of her heart. But Johnny soon takes the lead and pounds Kiki hard, almost as if showing his stepsis she won’t be able to bully him anymore and that he’s the one in charge. With her stomach flat on the bed and Johnny fucking her from behind, he’s able to get even deeper inside of her, intensifying the sex even more. When he can’t hold his load any longer, Johnny cums for Kiki all over her chest and her face. She lets their fling wash over her, and the both of them are in pure bliss, eager to do it all again soon.

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