Shop Till You Suck Cock...
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Starring: Kasey miller
Kasey Miller and her friend really want to go shopping, so of course she goes to her number one source for some extra cheese, her good old stepdad! But just as Kaseys stepdad is about to cough up some coin, Kaseys mom comes in and ruins it. To get her stepdad back on the same page as her, Kasey devises a devious plan. She notices that her stepdad has not been getting any poonani from her mom recently. So, she decides that to get what she wants, she will become the pussy provider he has always needed. But it is not just the plan that is dastardly. It is the execution! She starts sucking her stepdads dick right behind her mom while she watches television. Her stepdad is befuddled, but that does not stop him from following Kasey into the bedroom to deliver a raging boner. He fucks his stepdaughter from behind and sticks his fingers in her mouth like he is hooking a big mouth bass. Then, he finishes in her mouth before Kaseys mom catches her post coital. Now, that is how you earn a shopping spree!